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Why work with Tikly?

Tikly is the seller-focused, buyer-friendly online ticketing solution. We launched in April of 2011 and since then we have sold tickets in all 50 states and four other countries. We are dedicated to providing the most positive, easy ticketing experience possible. Our internal team motto, though it’s not proper grammar, is “do good, be good” and you can expect nothing less from your Tikly experience….well, we might step it up on the grammar.

We specialize in general admission ticket sales, tiered ticketing, VIP experiences, direct to fan ticket sales, merchandise pre-sales and the acceptance of donations in advance of an event.

We’ve worked with events as small as a five person meet-up to a 10,000 person bacon festival. I guess what we’re trying to say is–if you’ve got a ticket, [yo] we’ll sell it.

See What People Say

Direct-to-Fan Ticketing

You can sell tickets directly to your fans, you can make more money via VIP experiences, you can accept house concert donations in advance to a show. We’d love to tell you more.

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Beer & Wine Festivals

The very first event we ever did was a wine festival and we have the honor of being the ticketing partner for the Iowa Brewers Guild. We’d love to share our experience with you.

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Live Music Venues

Music venues, we extend our most sincere “thank you” - you’re the backbone of the industry. We want to help you sell more tickets to happier ticket buyers. By the way, no contract signing allowed.

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Pricing the Tikly way

We use a simple approach to pricing. Less Fees. More fun.

Fair is Fair.

After all, these are your tickets.
  • No set up fee.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No minimum.
  • No cover charge.

Simple Pricing Simple Math.

Incredibly simple fees.
  • No fee on $0 tickets (free events are free).
  • $1.00 is added to tickets $10 or less.
  • 10% is added to tickets more than $10 and up to $75.
  • $7.50 is added to a ticket over $75.

Last Word.

  • Fees can be added to your ticket price (paid by the buyer) or included in your ticket price (withheld from the settlement).